Monday, February 23, 2009

Roast pumpkin & blue cheese ravioli wth sundried tomato pesto

This is what happens when I'm left home alone, i put my thinking cap on, i wanted to make some more ravioli and i wanted a new filing. I'm of the opinion now that i like my ravioli filling to be the main flavour, and for the sauce to accompany it, after some Internet research and having a look in the fridge i decided on the above.

Rather than go through the whole process I'll just write up what I did for the filling and topping, as I have again followed Jamie Oliver's advice on making the pasta and forming the ravioli.

For the filling;
Half a Butternut Pumpkin
clove of garlic (minced)
splash of olive oil

preheat the oven to 180, dice the pumpkin, place in a mixing bowl with the garlic and oil and give it a good toss, you just want a nice thin layer of oil over the pumpkin. Put in the oven until golden and soft. Return the pumpkin to the mixing bowl and add the sliced up blue cheese, start with a bit and gradually mash it into the pumpkin with a fork , making a rough mash, add more blue cheese as you go tasting along the way. I would like to try fetta cheese next time.

For the Pesto;
a good handful of semi dried or soaked sun dried tomatoes
bunch of basil
bunch of parsley
half a handful of pine nuts
handful if shredded Parmesan
two cloves of garlic
half a Spanish onion
red wine vinegar
red wine
tomato paste
olive oil

Now, I used the food processor and pretty much put in a hand full of the herbs each and added more as I felt, but basically everything here needs to be blended, start with small amounts of the red wine and tomato paste, a good dash of red wine vinegar brings this to life and add the Olive oil as you think it needs moisture, after all you're cooking for your tastes, so go wild with what you like.

I boiled a jar and made enough to fill it so i had a jar of my home made pesto in the fridge and keep a heap of dried home made fettuccine in snap lock bags for easy lunches and lazy dinners, a tablespoon of this stuff and some extra Parmesan on top with a glass of Pinot is a nice night in in my books!

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